Asphyxiating Abraxas

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We have slavegirl abraxas over at RopeMarks HQ, a petite bald super sexy girl.

At a certain point we tie up abraxas, collar her in a big leather collar and put her on some amazing high heels. Then leave her to wait until we return from our talk about what we are going to do to her for the evening. We have decided and Dutch Dame will be the mistress of slavegirl abraxas tonight and put her through some asphyxiating steps, all nude and tightly bound, ofcourse!

After some time mistress Dutch Dame returns to abraxas, teases her naked body and finally unties her, only to tie her up again, real, real tight and suspend her from the overhead beam. The amazing high heels and collar stay on, ofcource, and a gag, big gag for abraxas' small mouth is added.

Having no way to defend herself anymore mistress starts enjoying slavegirls naked body and use a Wartenberg pinwheel on her.

Next comes the plan, asphyxiating abraxas, Dutch Dame removes the wide leather collar only to replace it with a tormenting wide rubber blowup collar. It does exactly what the name says, a rubber collar that will blowup and deprive the person wearing it of air. Image a tied up helpess slavegirl that is left gasping for air until her mistress decides she can get it. That's exactly what will happen!

Dutch Dame starts easy enough with just some mild pumping and quickly releasing it again. But this really, literally, takes abraxas´ breath way, gasping for air through her gagged mouth, beautiful.

The second time pumping the collar Dutch Dame shows a twinkle in the eyes of Dutch Dame and abraxas´ petite body trembles under the lack of air.

The third time is no longer a twinkle but a dominating smile on the face of mistress Dutch Dame as she pumps the collar, keeping close eye contact with abraxas. When it's clear the collar is pumped more than enough for abraxas Dutch Dame give it one more pump!  Then walks away to enjoy this beautiful image of a tied and collared slavegirl suffering, fighting for air, survival, pleading eyes to her mistress and to the camera for help and release. None will come until the look in her eyes and petite trembling body show the beginning of real panic...

Finally Dutch Dame suspends her slavegirl completely of the floor, giant heels and all, pumps to collar ones more and now slavegirl abraxas is receiving her free floating breathless experience by the hand of Mistress Dutch Dame...

perfect beauty!


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