Bed, bed and beyond, video - with Abraxas

02.07.2015AbraxasRope Bondage, Shibari, Suspension
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We have the immensely sexy Abraxas for you, small in size but huge in sexy attitude. Today we severely tie up her petite body with her legs spread, gag her, clamp her and take her breath away; all for our own perverted pleasure... and it seems she gets some enjoyment from it as well.

But first, we ask her to seduce us, to show us her fine ass and delicious body. We then start to tie her body, step by step in preparation for exposure of the vjj. Even bound this girl does not stop moving and it's not simply moving it's like sensual seductive waves going through her body.

The lips of Abraxas are as sensual as they look but for today we have no use for them, we put a harness-gag on her bald head and strap it tight, inserting the ball deep in her mouth, her lips luscious over ball. It is not a particularly big gag but for a petite girl as Abraxas it's sizable and she handles it like she's had bigger things in her mouth...

We see an angels face when we look at Abraxas... and we love to make angels fall and distort a pretty face to a sexy tormented face, there is so much beauty in suffering - we bring out the nose hook.

Next we clamp her petite tits and her pussy - this brings out some interesting moans.

Finally a neck rope to finish this exposed pièce de résistance - now the drooling starts.

She takes our actions like a pro and suffering like this Abraxas' petite body gets some uncontrollable shakes...

This is an update in 3 parts, 2 photo sets and one video - as an added bonus you get two edits of this video.


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Samstag, 07. Juli 2018, 19:02 Uhr ★★★★☆

I am quite disappointed that you didn't show the rope going into her pussy, nor the clamps being put on her nipples and pussy. These things happened; why not show them?? And there wasn't even a good closeup of her pussy with the clamps on it. I've joined joined this site, but I'm not sure if I like it as much as I expected. SHOW MORE OF WHAT IS DONE TO THE MODEL !!