Deadlysin - part 2 of 2

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Today we present Spanish beauty Nereida Deadlysin - a sexy, dark haired, brown eyed and inked addition to RopeMarks - we are pleased.

Being used for the first time on RopeMarks we love to see Nereida's ink from all possible angles, in the fetishes of way we know - in heels and collared.

When it's time to put this sexy chick in bondage we tie her upper body (gote), attach her to the stairs (nawa zuri), pull one leg up and attach that to the stairs (kataashi zuri) and then twist and supend her other leg - now fully suspended from the stairs we make her enjoy the experience - oh the sweet noises...

It's a shame if wouldn't be able to look into those deep, deep, brown eyes while she's hanging there for our pleasure (and hers, I'm sure - but that's considered optional). A hair bondage, keeping her head up and eyes onto ours we add.

Beautiful red lips require something hard to keep them open; mandatory, no options, we spread her mouth in a big sexy "O" using our gag, her beautiful red lips framing the ball... uncontrollable drooling is just moments away now...

The stunning rubber collar gets some help from a new neck rope (kubi zuri). Our Spanish submissive Nereida is now suspended, gagged, pulled by her hair and struggling to keep breathing properly; but we're not done yet...

We still have two delicious parts of her lucious body available for pleasing us, her nipples - we add painful nipple clamps to her already suffering body. This addition makes more sexy noises and gasps for air come out of Nereida´s gagged lips - drooling is unstoppable.

Personally we don't think we are the worst person there is, seeing this stunning submissive in so much agony (pleasure?) we query if she would like a stool, relax. Naively she says yes... so she gets a stool, tied and suspended from her body that is already in heavy agony!

This is an update in 2 parts.
Pictures by KinkyStyle

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