Doing Daisy sideways - a kataashi yokozuri

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Today we are doing Daisy, our pretty blond, sideways - a kataashi yokozuri, since girls need to have their legs spread, as often as possible...

In good RopeMarks style we love to dress our girls up in appropriate fetish attire. Our submissive Daisy gets to wear a tight, wide, restricting, rubber collar and a pair of I-won't-be-walking-any-time-soon balletheels. 

Who needs bondage when your naked collared girl is struggling for every activity that you demand from her? Well... we do... So, Daisy is tied up, put down, pulled up from the floor by ropes alone and left swinging back and forth for us to enjoy.

Our Daisy is a pretty face, but under RopeMarks' control that really has no value. We decide to reduce her to the submissive flesh she is too us. We use our tenugiu to seriously gag her, Japanese style and reduce her sight. This covers her face completely only leaving her blond hair out swinging along with her swaying body suspended from ropes alone...

We lead an awesome life!

This update consists of 40 images and a 5 minute behind the scenes like video.

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