Honeyhair uses Dutch Dame, part 1 (of 2)

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We have a stunning and sexy update in two parts for you.

We have Czech beauty Honeyhair over at RopeMarks HQ. This sexy and dominant lady was very eager to play with RopeMarks' property, Dutch Dame. Something we gladly allowed, but, not before we had the opportunity to have Honeyhair, and her b00bs, in my ropes. And while we're at it, add Dutch Dame into to mix to create a bondage scene of pure bound beauty!

But first we wanted Honeyhair in all her nude glory in front of our lens. 

Next it was time to tie up this Czech beauty. Now it is not often we get an F-Cup, a sensitive F-cup, at our disposal. Truth be said, I wasn't entirely sure how to deal with them. In the end I think I managed quite nicely. 

A tightly bound Honeyhair in ballet boots with waving red locks of hair is something very special.

Time to double to beauty and bring in a nude Dutch Dame in ballet boots. Since she is my property I prefer her to be in a challenging bondage. I tied Dutch Dame in a similar tie as Honeyhair but made her stand in it... well, suspended from the ceiling; standing bound, cross legged on ballet boots is kinda impossible.

What happened then was not in the original sequence of events, but Honeyhair tightly bound tried to have a go at Dutch Dame, also tightly bound, with nothing more than her beautiful lips and Dutch Dame gladly let her...


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