In bed with Melody, part 1 of 2

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Please welcome to Club Ropemarks; Melody!

This pretty blond is as sweet as her name, cute as can be and I get the privilege to welcome her into the RopeMarks family.

Melody is special, so we decide to treat her special. A special hogtie, making her back bent backwards so I can tie her wrists to her ankles. This is quite a stressful position for any body.

I then tie her hair and pull her neck back as far is it goes, the remaining rope is wrapped around her face and neck. The latter gives her a slow breath-taking experience. When she reaches her limit of being able to be in this position we release her neck and hair.

Next we gag this pretty blond with a big harness ballgag. Since she seems to be taking this very easy I then add some big-ass hello kitty clothespins on her vjj... That starts to produce some nice sounds coming from behind the gag. The sounds get even more creative when I wiggle the clamps... So I do that for a while...

Please welcome Melody to the club and enjoy this session.

Photos by KinkyStyle

Part 2 includes a small behind the scenes video

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