Libarated - video #TBT

13.09.2018Ancilla TiliaBlonde, Hogtie, Shibari
  • 7:29 Minuten

#TBT 2006: In this very seductive update you can see Ancilla find liberation through tight bondage and tight gagging.

We start out with Ancilla, at work, dressed in sexy lingerie, seducing you through the lens of the photographer. In small steps bondage gets added; the ropes become tighter and more challenging with every additional layer. Ancilla struggles (and succeed) for beautiful poses, tightly bound.

Until the bondage is even too much for her to handle and she simply gives in, surrenders to the bondage, leaving you with a soft, ever so cute, moaning, beautiful looking, tightly bound and gagged girl.

A liberating experience and a sight to remember

Video by RopeMarks

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