Minou's haji (恥)

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Today we play with Minou, and more specifically, with Minou's feelings of shame. For an Italian girl, sweet Italian girl, her feelings of shame are more inline with being Japanese.

We start with full attenion for Minou while we tie her arms on her back in a armbinder. After the bondage we lose our attention and let her be, let her walk around freely (isch) in the room. Not giving her attention makes her feel confused, not being able to do much makes her feel frustrated but when we start calling her names and make her do things she barely can with her arms tied she starts to feel her shame and that, exactly that, moment is when she radiates the beauty of submission. We play with that...

After her chores she gets more attention, more than she bargained for. We tie her legs in a cross-legged position and suspend her horizontally, makeing her a table to put our lemonade's on. She maintains this position for quite some time, she has to bother us with her moans of pain but we ignore this while we have lively conversations makeing Minou a very shameful object (of desire, but she does not need to know this).

Next we rotate her upside down, opening Minou up for genital inspection. Really not much she can do when we poke around "there" and judge it in a very vocal manner. If ever poor Minou felt shame, this was it.

We continue to rotate Minou in a horizontal position and raising her armbinder into a strappado. Everything with just the right amount of tension that she feels the bondage but can maintain this for a long enough time. This is beauty in suffering, this is Minou suffering, this is Minou full of shame.

When we release her from this position we lower her to the floor but leave her in her strappado that now became a very serious strappado. The moans of pain (pleasure?) and shame are continues now, when they suddenly stop.  We go to her, check if she perhaps fainted but we hear a heavy breathing and see glinstering moist between her legs and below on the floor...

She is weak now and we do not feel it is responsible to put her body through that much stress. So, we remove the strappado but still leave her poor arms in the armbinder. She must have been like this now... 2 hours? We fold her, in armbinder and cross-legged, tie her hair and tie her neck. Moving any part of her arms or head makes her pull her hair or take her own breath away herself. Knowing Minou she is ashamed (and aroused) by all of us watching her struggle, she is naked and I do not mean without clothes.

We have one more "surprise" for Minou, after all this ordeal for (at least) our pleasure we want to make things romantic, put a few candles down, talk sweet to sweet Minou, no shaming what so ever, tell her what a good girl she was... and then drench her in hot candlewax.

It would be a shame if you miss this update!

photo's by Ork Photography

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