Playing with Agura and Arienh, part 1, air

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In this two part update I play with the very iconic kinbaku tie, the agura. In this tie I have Arienh, RopeMarks' favorite bimbo. After this session it should be more than clear why Arienh is RopeMarks' favorite bimbo!

In part 1 (air), things start of innocent enough, some tying that slowly moves into the agura pose. Some pretty pictures. She's even smiling and looking sexy a.f. Little does Arienh know she will be in there for some time and she will be in for some real suffering.

The when the first uplines are attached, the mood changes, darker, sexier. the way I like it! The last upline lifts Arienh off the floor and the look in her eyes change, she "not there" anymore, left to enjoy her own little space in this world. So awesome to see.

I then continue to rotate her 360 degrees, with every transition there is a break to enjoy the suffering, to play with my little bimbo and make her scream. until she is back in the sitting agura position, one meter off the floor. A pose very much appreciated by me, Arienh... I know she did, but if you see the look in her eyes, her wild hair... you might wonder.

In part 2 (floor) we continue straight from where we left of in part 1 (air), Arienh dangling on one rope high off the floor. Right after she has suffered through the kinbaku semenawa rotation I have put her through.

When we lower her to the floor you can see relieve in her eyes (and bit of arousal?) and relaxes as she thinks "this was it" (and it was something!). Again... little does Arienh know I have more in store for her. I am going to focus on he pretty face and distort it in any way that I can before I cover it up with a jute bag, tightly wrapped in rope; extreme face play!

I start with two lip-hooks, followed by a nose-hook then a bamboo-gag on top of the lip-hooks (ouch) with the remainder of the rope tied around her neck. Her beautiful tits I clamp with eight painful clamps. Finally I put a jute bag over her head! For all of this I do take my time, with every step I want to enjoy her helpless body (and face) and see the shock in her eyes when I grab another item for her torment.

So, here is this gorgeous girl, painfully tied, face distorted and yet... the mood, the vibe is asking for more (or this is my perverted mind wanting more) and so more it is. I tie a rope around her neck and lift her up lightly.

When she's sitting on the floor, agura position, neck suspended she is struggling. The agura position does not allow her much opportunity to relieve her neck. Instead everytime she tries she tuples over and worsens her predicament. The screams from behind the jute bag are... *hot*

When I feel her suffering is enough I remove the neck suspension and tie that rope tightly around the jute bag. Effectivly putting more pressure on the lip-hooks, bamboo gag and nose hook, I'm evil!

Lying on the floor, mouth spread, bamboo gagged, nose hooked, jute bag tied over her head, rope around her neck and nipple clamps all over her tits and with every move she makes the rope bites in her as hell... I can tell you, she is suffering... and it's beautiful, just as she is <3

This play, is real, no fake, no "modeling", real rope, real kinbaku, real torment and real emotions.



Photos by CarmineWorx

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