Playing with Cobie & Spring, p1 of 2

02.05.2019Cobie und SpringBDSM, Shibari, Show Performance
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Behind the closed doors of BoundCon, a mythical place that I frequently inhabit. Now, with this update, let's debunk myths and show you what is taking place in this mystical land.

This time I travelled together with (Australia's, and mine, all-time favorite bondage model) Cobie and (Dutch spark plug) Spring. The journy started with strict armbinders for both cuties. Then attached their hip to the overhead beam.

With a flick of my wrist Cobie and Spring ended upside down, I finished the tie and had an interconnected two-girl-some - beautiful and sexy!

Now that my feet got wet with both gorgeus creatures it was time for more explicit action. Cobie, suspended, spread legged an completely exposed and vulnerable. Spring still tied in her armbinder was then allowed to have some fun with the sexy vulnerability of Cobie using only her mouth.

It was clear by the of this trip that a solid connection between both girls has been established.

Photos by Thomas van Marle, Siebe Turksma and Sean Flasher

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