Suffering in full view

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I don't see my slavegirl from Singapore that often, so when I do, I'd like to make it count.

It does make me proud to own her and I love to show her of, no matter where, not even in this public place. I undress her, put her feet in heels and tie her petite body near a stairs in this public place.

She was whimpering something about shame, but I think this is one of the cultural differences, I did not feel any shame at all... Best to put a large gag in that tiny mouth of her and tie her to one the stair's handrails, just in case she tries to get out of sight.

Next, time to tie her legs with her sexy feet in sexy heels and attach them to the stair's handrail as well.

Then, finally, gag her with a tenugui over her ballgag and then add another tenugui over the previous one and over her nose. Sensitive as Joan is this is becoming a struggle now, a struggle for air.

We love to see Joan struggle, but we are going for suffering and decide the fun road, a neck-rope.
That sweet whimpering, gasping, piece of slavegirl is a beautiful sight... and this makes me weak... I pull out a tiny vibrator, wedge it tight between her legs, against her clit, switch it on, sit back, relax and enjoy whatever might unfold now...

Photos by StereoEye photography & derToni

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