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You are going to love this update where I play with RopeMarks' household bimbo, Arienh, as you've not seen before.

For starters Arienh is stripped into her birthday suit and it clearly shows previous damage I inflicted on her petite body (so sexy!). Prepared for the session is an inflatable rubber plug already neatly inserted in her ass. I then tie her in a kaikyaku kani and put her on her back on the tabletop. This is a perfect position to play with all of her sensitive parts while there is very little she can do to stop me.

With what I have planned I expect some wriggling and continue to tie Arienh to the table top; first with a neck rope that doubles as a nice ch0ke when she wriggles and second with a rope around each upper leg spreading them and making sure there is no interfering from Arienh as I do what I please "down there". Then, just for good measure, a metal dental gag!

Now the, my, fun starts (I do hope she enjoys it, but you can see that for yourself), pumping up the rubber plug in her ass. The results of that are amazing squeels and screams, the only thing she achieves is that I continue pumping, I like the screams :). Also, I like my girls stuffed so I grap a second inflatable rubber plug and prepare it to insert in her pussy. How did I prepare? By sticking the inflatable part in her mouth (that is continuously been kept open by the spreader) and pump it, her gagging produces fluids and these will make inserting the plug in her pussy easier. all thought, honestly, no lubrication is necessary anymore at this point ;-)

Time to insert the inflatable rubber plug in her pussy. I can't help but double check her "lubrication factor" and I can truthfully say; wet. Feeling around "there" is nice I can also clearly feel the pumped plug in her ass, wiggling that plug produces more lovely squeals..

Now Arienh is plugged in both holes, her "ass-plug" already nicely pumped, time to pump the second one. While pumping, her squeels and screams become amazingly... hot! She throws her head, ch0king herself, turning her screams in some sort of gagged-gurgling-squeal. I'm happy :)

It's time for, what turned out to be, the last stages of Arienh's torment; candlewax, candlewax and more, more, more candlewax. But first, the cutest hello-kitty clamp on her tongue, because that makes it easier for me to hold her tongue out and pour it with candlewax. I waxed her tongue, body, tits, pussy, every spot that looked interesting to produce a squeel or scream I used, I was motivated.

The video with this update is basically one long sexy scream, awesome bondage, pretty model, a must see.


Photos by KinkyStyle

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