The initiation of Ariel Anderssen

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With this update there is one less thing on my bucket list, playing with Ariel Anderssen; and play we did!

First we strip Ariel to her birthday suit. Nothing of her beautiful body is hidden for us anymore.
We tie Ariel with her arms up and behind her head, fold her legs and then hoist her vertical on her knees.
In this position she has to spread her folded legs to maintain balance and is giving us a beautiful view of her luscious body and everything that makes her female...

After awhile, having enjoyed this view, we lift her completely of the floor; suspended, legs spread even further and slowly rotating...

You'd think it would not get any better, but bucket list or no bucket list, we are still RopeMarks, we want to see our girls enjoying them... wait, we want to see us enjoying our girls... kami zuri (hair suspension) and kubi zuri (neck suspension) time. We tie a rope around her hair, pull it over the suspension ring and be it ever so little we lift Ariel up by the hair and tie of the remainder of the rope around her neck.

Suffering for art, Ariel is, beautiful.

photo's by CarmineWorx.

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