The initiation of Sakura

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Today we introduce the cutest of cutest Sakura into the RopeMarks family.

Someone this adorable deserves a sweet approach, so we use a soft bed, with a very fluffy and comfortable matrass to give her a gentle introduction into RopeMarks Ryu... it all went to hell from there!

We put the cuteness that is Sakura into a tight and very decorative gote. The sweet sounds she produces with the tightning of each wrap motivates us to continue in an equally tight upper-leg bondage to then throw... put her on the soft bed.

Next we cross her lower legs and tie them tight, then fold her legs with a rope going through her toes. The look in her beautiful dark eyes tell me the tension of the leg-ropes becomes noticable more tight (we approve).

Every movement she makes make her feel the ropes, her bondage, her personale torment more. To add to this fun we tie a rope-gag and complement that with furoshiki gag and blindfold.

Ohw, and did I mention that the remainder of the rope-gag was finished around her neck? No matter the movement she makes she will be aware of her bondage, of the rope biting her skin, restricting her breath... As a cherry on this Japanese pie (literally) she is told not to "drop" the grape we but in her beautiful soft and round butt...

We are very happy with Sakura joining the RopeMarks family!


photo's by The Blacksheep.

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