The Pillory - video

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We have spend an awesome time in a medieval dungeon with among others a working pillory. A pillory that we just had to put to the test, RopeMarks style!

We have the amazing Dutch Dame strip to nothing but her high heels, then place her in the pillory. A small shock goes through her body when it closes around her neck and she realizes this experience is going to be for real.

The pillorie's holes for the wrist are relativly big, to keep Dutch Dame from getting her hands out we put some rough metal cuffs on her wrists, beautifully appropriate for the location.

As a warm-up, and make the experience as real as it gets we leave her there for some time... Next time we must have a clock next to the equipment
Next we lower the pillory, posing our beautiful victim in a bend-over position and tie her ankles, spread legged, to the rings in at the side of the platform she stands on.

A butt exposed like that is screaming for a spanking... so we comply, and just for good measure we decorate her tits with a pair of painful nipple clamps.

By now resting her neck and wrists on the hard wood, the rough and heavy metal wrist cuffs, the nipple clamps and the uncomfortable bend-over position is causing some very sexy movements from Dutch Dame that we enjoy much. We see no reason to interrupt this scene.

Next we lower the pillory to its lowest position posing Dutch Dame on her knees and making it more difficult not to rest her neck on the hard wood. The strain on her amazing body is showing and she is searching for the most comfortable position to be able to handle this torment... but, really, there is none.

As our final torment, mix in some kinbaku in this medieval scene, we apply a ryo-ashi sakasa zuri. We suspend our willing victim by the ankles only while still in the pillory torment. This is making her neck to rest on the hard wood, in effect chocking her (a beautiful struggle) her wrists with rough metal cuffs are going nowhere but are a torment for her arms as she struggles for freedom and her nipple clamps are swaying like flowers in the wind causing sweet torment on her nipples with every movement.

Sights like this are as rare as they are beautiful. Enjoy! As usual we did as well.

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