Traditional torment with RopeMarks flair, part 1/2

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Today started out so nice, so relaxed, so... let's do some easy, but very kinky, sh*t. Let me start at the beginning.

Part 1, sweet surrender:
We dress Arienh (RopeMarks' household blond bimbo and slave-girl) in a pretty kimono then start to tie her upper-body with asanawa (Japanese jute bondage rope)... but quickly change our mind and switch to waranawa (rice straw rope, more "prickly") and continue to tie her crossed legs together and include her feet and toes in the bondage. Unable to stand we sit her down on the beautiful tatami and just leave her, to appreciate our view on her, an ornament on the tatami.

After a while, a few coffees ahead in time, we decide we do not hear enough whimpering coming from her red lips and suspend her in various ways, play with her body, watch and enjoy her expression as rope bites in her soft flesh in the various positions. Flesh was the keyword here, we want more flesh and expose her perfect perky boobs to the cruel outside world (that be us). Time for something stronger than coffee.

We've been enjoying a 21 year old Suntory Hibiki and think it is about time to enjoy our 26 year old bimbo/slave-girl. We pick up our thick bamboo cane and when we approach our girl we see fear growing in her eyes. She does not appreciate our bamboo cane, perhaps this is why we do appreciate it, so much.

Since her legs are suspended up we focus the sticks attention on her upper legs and appreciate the sounds of fear, pain and surprise as we switch between her left and right upper leg and occasionally give attention to her ass. Her exposed boobs scream for attention and for the full-body experience we poke the stick on her perky tits, with pressure, generating beautiful sounds of pain and surrender. All this did leave some very interesting poke-marks (ed: new website idea?).

After we are done enjoying our 26 year old we return to enjoying our 21 year old and contemplate on how lucky we are while in the background the soft sounds of sobbing, whimpering and exhaustion are still heard.

Part 2, a row of candles:
The day is slowly moving into the night, our girl, Arienh, still bound and on the tatami, has regained her strength. It is starting to get dark. Time to create a mood and in the process test our new handy-work, a row-of-candles-on-a-stick. We hang the row-of-candles above Arienh and light them one by one, a beautiful warm light flickers in the room and a new idea pops up...

Not wanting to damage the beautiful kimono she is wearing we first remove the waranawa tie and remove the kimono from her tiny body. Striped naked we lay her on the floor, re-tie her wrist, position them above her head and tie-off to a beam, stretching her a bit. Then continue to tie her ankles together and tie-off to an opposite beam. Now, we have positioned our girl right underneath the row-of-candles and stretched her body to the max. Again, she is not going anywhere, unable to escape what we have planned...

The row-of-candles has been burning for some time now and is slowly dripping hot wax on the side of the candles, Arienh stretched underneath and the fear (and anticipation) in her eyes growing.

Without further ado the contraption, the row-of-candles, is tipped...

We sit back, grab our 21 year old and watch the wriggling, screaming and whimpering of our 26 year old. The hot wax is dripping on her young tender flesh, she is wriggling frantically to avoid the falling hot wax. But all of her wriggling is in vain as her tied and stretched body is unable to escape this torment.

We do not stop this burning hell until her entire body is red, red-hot-flesh and red-hot-wax...

At the end of this long day there is one thing we are unable to decide, what did we enjoy more, our 21 year old or our 26 year old?

photo's by CarmineWorx 
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