Appointment for domination

2007-08-02Chantal and sub angelBDSM, Rope Bondage, Shibari
  • 15:16 minutes
  • TOP rating

This video you see Chantal of RopeMarks dominating sub angel. When sub angel arrives for her appointment she gets greeted by a latex dressed Chantal in a pair of very horny thigh-high boots and cat-mask. Since sub angel is beautiful to begin with it seems only fitting her bondage and torment should be fittingly beautiful too. Her beautiful manga style bondage makes every intimate area of her body available for torment and lust without option to stop the devious actions of Dominatrix Chantal. sub angel gets bound, blindfolded, gagged, stepped on, clothes pinned all of her body and finally worked over with hot candle wax. The video shows you the moaning and struggling of sub angel while she has no other option than to take and handle Chantal's torture as a good submissive should.

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July 24, 2017 12:42 ★★★★☆

oh yeah

July 07, 2018 21:46 ★★☆☆☆

WTF!?!? The clamps magically showed up on her pussy lips? Why not show them being put on???