Blind Pony - Video

2013-05-16Miss VieFetish, Pony Play, Rope Bondage
  • 6:57 minutes

In this update we treat you to Netherlands youngest fetish model, Miss Vie. As you can expect from RopeMarks we do things a little different than what this cutie is used too so far.

We dress her young body in a tight rubber catsuit, on top of the catsuit, around her torso we put a strict rubber corset, rubber gloves for her hands and some amazing pony boots to finish the first stage of this image.

For the second stage we cover Miss Vie's head with a rubber "blind pony hood" taking away her sight making her more dependable. Even though her sight is already gone a rubber blindfold is added to emphasize her feeling of dependency with extra pressure around her head.

Finally, as a good pony should wear, a bit-gag.

For the night we lay this pony down on the couch, strap her down tight to ride her again another day.

Enjoy Miss Vie as a blind pony.
Stay tuned for more of Miss Vie


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