Breath play

2007-09-06ChantalBondage, Rope Bondage, Shibari
  • 11:40 minutes

This session started with Chantal wearing a very wide and tight collar. I put her hands in leather mittens then strapped her arms behind her back in a leather armbinder. After watching Chantal struggle in her bondage, for a comfortable position for her neck and for breath I got a new idea to do to her! I tied Chantal of RopeMarks in a kata-ashi tsuri and tied a rope-collar around her neck. Then, she is allowed her fun (as long as I get mine :), inserted a vibrating egg and clipped on a vibrating egg! The only thing left to do was connect a rope from her collar to the ceiling hook, in effect doing breath play to Chantal. She could relieve herself (read: get air!) by standing on her toes of one leg. This is hard and tiring. She has to switch between standing on toes, getting air and standing comfortable on her foot, doing breath play to herself. The struggle that evolved before my eyes was wonderfully sadistic and I didn't help by gagging my struggling and suffering Chantal...

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