Double Hooded (Again)

  • 7:51 minutes

We've done it to Dutch-Dame before, tie her up, double hood and gag her then leave her to struggle (enjoy?) the position. We're doing it to her again... Dress her in balletboots, put on rubber hand mitts and a tight rubber hood. Dressed like this she gets to show her amazing beauty to us We add a second rubber hood, one without eyes and only a round suck-hole for her mouth. A tight heavy rubber neck corset finishes this part of dressing her up. As our final Pièce de résistance Dutch Dame gets her mouth plugged with a ball gag harnass, each leg folded tied and her arms tied over her head Completely sensory deprived, tied, unable to go anywhere we had Dutch-Dame struggle in this position for our (and her?) enjoyment for close to an hour... Enjoy, Bob

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