Double Hooded Dame

  • 5:23 minutes

The amazing Dutch Dame is being put through some very interesting and favorite paces of mine... We dress the Dame in thigh high ballet boots, stop her from walking, we then tie her spread legs to a beautiful bamboo chair and just enjoy the sight (oh, she's a pretty sight :). Next step, rubber hood and big rubber collar. This seems to please the Dame and we continue with another rubber hood; one with no eyes, just an open mouth. The open mouth brings on another idea, open the Dame's mouth with a gag. We grab our dental gag en strech the Dame's mouth to the max and leave her on her chair until the drool runs from her lips. Unable to reach her head with her bound hands and very difficult to move her head because of the big collar she finally chockes in her own saliva... We didn't think she lasted long enough sitting pretty, double hooded, blinded, gagged and drooling for our enjoyment. Time for some punishment and pain, we clamp her pussy and pierced tits... suffer Dame. A true fetish and bondage update for you to enjoy.

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