Exposed Dame - Gyaku ebi

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No slavegirl is complete without a wide collar and high heels, this goes double for the hotness that is Dutch Dame, it completes her; mind, body and soul.

First Dutch Dame is told to expose herself to me, in all her naked glory she does as a good girl should. She is stunning!

Next, to up the ante, her arms are bound strict on her back in a tasuki and she's told to expose herself again - slavegirl with a handicap to please her Sir. She is doing a very good job at showing her bound perfect slavegirl body to me, I am pleased.

As it happened we had a warm autumn day in the Netherlands and all this exposing gave me an idea, we could do with some bonding with the neighbors, why not have them enjoy the view that I have as well? Time to take my slavegirl outside and show her in al her glory to our neighbors.

This was a fun exercise but my slavegirl still had the opportunity to walk away should I fail to pay attention. To fix this little hinder Dutch Dame is put on a table, still in clear view of our neighbors, bound in a gyaku ebi and just for good measure gagged to make the beautiful picture that she is even more attractive!


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