Faces of pain... and pleasure; The initiation of Kama Medea, part 2 of 2

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Please welcome to Club Ropemarks; Kama Medea!

This very open curly brunette wears her heart on her sleeve and thoroughly enjoys RopeMarks' kinbaku. These two properties will be used, continuously, in today's session, Kama's initiation.

I start by tying a strict gote around Kama's tiny body and include a tight breast bondage when I use the third rope. The breast bondage makes Kama's boobs "pop" beautifully!

Then I secure her to the ceiling and in a spur of the moment move forward with rope-whip whipping. Kama is balancing on her heels and where the rope-whip hits it leaves an instant mark. Her face goes through a range of emotions that makes you heart melt.

After the whipping I continue with an M-Zuri that shows surprise, pain and pleasure when she goes flying. I add a bamboo to keep her legs spread and then transition her in a belly down position. In this position, naked, legs spread and feet in high heels you can see the buttplug she has been wearing al along during the session (and way before actually... I considered this a warm up for the session).

As the final play I tie her hair, real tight and use the remainder of the rope around her neck and take her breath away. I cannot explain the beauty that is Kama when she is suspended, spread, plugged and suffering for my please, you just have to go and see for yourself.

Please welcome Kama to the club and enjoy this session

Photos by KinkyStyle

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