Feeling Blue

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The best remedy to relax and fight of stress and feeling blue is visiting a relaxing spa, enjoy the environment, sit in the sauna, cool down with a cold shower bath and repeat for ultimate relaxation.

We did do just that... RopeMarks style!

I dressed my girl, Dutch Dame, in a beautiful blue rubber Westward Bound outfit and headed off to the spa. There we relaxed a bit, talked and enjoyed each others company.

Next on the schedule was a visit to the sauna. No need to remove hot rubber from a hot body in a hot place, right? So I put her all rubbered up in hot sauna.

After a while I felt something was missing... hot girl, hot outfit, hot place... Obviously... Hot bondage was missing with a restricting ballgag that reduced my girl to a mumbling bound piece of property suffering in the heat.

No slave girl can endure this for a long time, so, as is common in a sauna, time to cool down with a shower bath. I stripped my girl from her outfit, re-tied and re-gagged and put her in the cold showers. There I enjoyed myself cooling her down by splashing buckets of cold water on her hot, tied, body.

Enjoy this update and relax.

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