Hooked and tortured

2008-01-31ChantalBondage, Insertions, Rope Bondage
  • 12:54 minutes
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In this video you can see Chantal bound to the ceiling, spreading her legs and get the pussy hook inserted. After getting hooked we move to a different area where the pleasure of the pussy hook is replaced by the painful torture of hot candle wax and a rough whipping. The pleasure of the hook is in very good contrast with the pain of the torture that follows. Enjoy!

Or, in Chantal's own words: This update you see me hooked. Some time ago I bought these pink slutty boots to go with my pink corset and Bob bought a pussy hook; the basic for some Sunday afternoon playtime. My arms were bound to the ceiling and I got a spreader bar between my feet. The head-harness-ball-gag is one of my favorite toys. I love the tight feeling on my head and face. Then with a simple breast bondage the pussy hook was brought in place. It feels nice, it is tight and because it ends above your belly, you can only make little moves.

We moved from the bedroom to the living room. Bob bound me to the table so he had a good few on my best assets. Also a good time to try out the new blindfold we have. A hair bondage, which was attached to the ceiling made sure I kept my head high. Bob used a whip, candle wax and a vibrator to finish the day.

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July 07, 2018 21:24 ★★★☆☆

The pussy hook is cool, but why couldn't we see it being inserted?! The same goes for that dildo at the end. The closeups of her pussy are nice, but why were her legs tied together when she had the pussy hook in? Legs should be apart! Disappointing.