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Because we can, we put a naked Nereida on the couch, because we like to look at pretty things in our house, because Nereida is simply gorgeous. After the couch we think about putting her on pedestal and enjoy the view of this fetish princess, then we decide to put nipple clamps on her tits, because we can!

We do not release her nipples from the clamps and tell her to come down from the couch and tie each of her legs to themselve, a futomomo for each legs. Then spread her legs and watch her naked vjj and her (slowly getting painful) nipples.

So she can't remove the clamps for painful nipples we tie each of her arms to themselves (a jowan?) and apply a strict crotchrope! The nipples are starting to hurt good now.

Not happy with the sounds coming from her mouth (not enough stimulation) we think we might as well gag her and take her breath her... and so we do.

We have a perfect looking bound simply gorgeous Spanish treat on our floor, bound, gagged and suffering on her vjj, nipples, neck and starting to make the noises we love to hear. The nipple clamps are on there for quite some time now.

For our pièce de résistance in this concoction of meat, rope and suffering is the final bit of torment, we suspend Nereida upright, partially from her crotchrope, opening her legs, unable to hide all the makes her female, but most importantly stretching her very very painful nipples! In this standing position we hear the sounds we love through her gag and with her focus on her painful tits the drool runs free and her body is ours for the rest of the night....

No, we did not remove the nipple clamps until we decided we were done with this Spanish beauty.

Photo's by CarmineWorx & Cas van de Vlugt

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