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Pool table Tricks - video

2013-07-19Dutch DameBondage, Rope Bondage, Shibari
  • 4:06 minutes

I want to play a game... A pool game... RopeMarks style...

I'm not interested in hustling my girl from her money in a game of pool, I'm interested in hustling her out of her clothes and into my ropes.

That proved too happen with little effort, I just had to ask. So our innocent game of pool started with a naked Dame wearing a RopeMarks original karada.

Stake of the game, you loose you suffer.

She lost.. So I made her suffer, tied her twisted arms above her head, bent her legs together and keeping them spread. For good measure added a ballgag (yes, I tried a pool ball, didn't fit :))

Dutch Dame all exposed and vulnerable had to endure my play with the cue... no chalk needed.


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