Put through the wringer

2008-04-03Insertions, Shibari, Suspension
  • 20:57 minutes

It is always great fun when we have a real 24/7 slavegirl at our disposal. Things get even hotter when this 24/7 slavegirl is "angel", she is a joy to use and play with... This time we really put her through the wringer. We start with a simple chair bondage and leave her sitting while we have our coffee and chit-chat about everyday things and, of course, what to do to angel. We decide to "go for" the t*ts. In her current chair tie we first warm up her t*ts. Next on the program is a rope-only suspension, a painfull rope-only suspension. When she starts to whine that the suspension hurts it's time to go for the t*ts again with a pair of tight Japanese clover clamps. Up till now we are more than proud of how angle takes our play. From the goodness of our heart we decide angel is allowed some pleasure, our style... combined with pain. It's great fun to see her full of lust ask her Master approval to cum...

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