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We have a new face for you, the petite and sexy redhead Nikki Flames. Famous for seducing late evening and nighttime viewers of erotic television programs we now have her to seduces you. Well, that is to say, she can try, all tied up, gagged and blindfolded. We start by squeezing her petite body in a tight rubber corset, reducing her waist to virtually nothing. Next a tight rubber neck corset to keep that pretty head all straight and gasping for air. Now its time to get that upper body all wrapped up in rope, tight ropes and tie her legs spread to leave nothing to the imagination. When she feels comfortable in her outfit and bondage, when she feels that this day is just about letting go and enjoy the action (well, we do :)) the next addition is one hell of a big ballgag that we stuff in her mouth (it barely fits) and keep in place with wraps of bondage-tape. With the bondage-tape we continue to wrap her head to finally take her sight and facial senses completly. So far, With every step Nikki has bit by bit been drifting into submission. The final step, completely cutting her off from the real world is giving her that last push, into submission... The image of this petite readhead, tightly laced, bound, gagged and blindfolded has been captured for your (and her and our) enjoyment. Have fun, Bob

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April 26, 2021 10:26 ★★★★★

So pretty yet helpless mmmmm