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Surrender - video

  • 4:26 minutes

In a club, after hours, we have the sexy red head Necia Navine at our disposal. We have been teasing each other all night long, partying, talking dirty about kinky stuff.

Little did she know that the owner of the club and I go way back and I made an arrangement to stay after hours with sexy Necia. 
When everybody left Necia was surprised we stayed. She was even more surprised when I ordered her to strip and dress up in corset, stockings and heels - which she did.

Next I brought out my rope bag and started a tight bondage session where Necia was turned into a beautiful bundle of red-headed submission -  bound, gagged, blindfolded and totally and willing surrendered to my kinky pleasures. 

There was little rest that day...

This is an update in 2 parts, 1 photo set and one video.


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