The Initiation of Arienh

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We have initiated a sexy young blond into the RopeMarks universe. Over the course of a long initiation weekend and followed by week of submission to rope and RopeMarks we think she is ready to be introduced to the world, please welcome Arienh and enjoy her initiation weekend, we did.

We tie our new girl like a pig, arms and feet together and place her bound on the cold hard floor. We continue to gag her and put a dirty jute bag over her head. Then leave her like that suffer.

Every hour, like clockwork, we come to the cellar and we torture her with water, give her a under water experience, over and over and over again or apply a caning with a thick bamboo cane. Although cane... no, big-stick is more appropriate. If we felt merciful she would receive a butt-fuck at the same moment of her torture.

Whatever we did, she screamed, screamed through her jute hood and at one point we could not tell anymore if she was screaming because of the continues torture or the constant ripping open of her perfect tiny butt. Then again: who cares?

The hood and gag go off for one meal a day, eating like a dog from a bowl on the floor.

For the night we made sure her head was lifted by tying a rope around her neck and attaching it to to radiator-pipes above her on the wall of the cellar. This way we make sure that she gets no rest, no night-rest and slowly torture her into submission.

We treated her like this over the course of one long weekend, in the dark, eat rest torture and repeat. By the end of the weekend she was wet, dripping with a painful ass, crying, make-up all over her pretty face and there was nothing she would not do for us and we made good use of that in the week that followed.

to be continued...

Photo's by Cas van de Vlugt, video by RopeMarks

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