The toy in the attic

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We have a toy in our attic, the lovely Amely. This time we made her endure three challenges during a weekend.

This particular Saturday we had some business outside where Amely was not needed. So we tied, collared, blindfolded and gagged her. Suspended her from the ceiling and went to do our business (don't worry, we have webcams installed to monitor our toy).

The heavy very restricting collar, inability to move made our toy fall several time, only held by the suspension rope, struggling to get back on her feet (obvioulsy we left some slack in the suspension rope :)). The struggle and the ballgag in place made quite a wet spot on the floor when we returned

For the evening our toy was allowed some form of relaxation and we tied her to a chair and made her boobs stick out for our fun. Since my use for the evening we just her mouth I didn't want to be distracted by our toys face, a head covering rubber hood with just a mouth hole was the perfect addition to Amely's predicament.

For the next day a little repeating of Amely's first predicament but this time the collar was very, very extremely restrictive. Also, we didn't leave the house. We left Amely there for quite some time, came up to check our toy regularly and when it was obvious her suffering gave her a complet "I will now do whatever you want" state-of-mind... well... you know... :)


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