Upside-down Dame

  • 7:35 minutes

This update is fun, upside-down fun. We have the amazing Dutch Dame at our disposal and decide to tie her arms, a little differently, behind her back. Add a rubber hood and a strict rubber neck corset on her lovely neck. Next stop, upside-down dame. We want to make this position a little more interesting, for us... *duh* and add a blindfold Helplessly swinging around we hear some sighing and little noises coming from Dutch Dame.. Cute, but time for a ballgag! This is a very beautiful sight to see, upside-down, tightly bound, hooded, blindfolded, neck corset and a ballgag. Nothing to do but surrender to us pervs that enjoy this view inmensly! Do stick around until after the credits, there is a brief interview with the still hooded Dutch Dame

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