Ushirode gasshou, kubi zuri

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The continued initiation of Arienh, after her ordeal in the RopeMarks HQ basement we feel she is ready for our pleasure in the light.

Today the beam in our teaching area will become Arienh's home for the next couple of hours, it will see her tears, her suffering and our pleasure.

When we enter the room our student, Arienh, is patiently waiting, dressed in the cutest outfit with stockings and the kinkyest heels, beautiful. We are off to a good start.

As it turns out Arienh is quite flexible in her upper body and arms. We decide to tie her arms into a reverse prayer (ushirode gasshou). As we position her arms and slowly tighten the ushirode gasshou we find there is a sweet spot where the stress on her arms is acceptable if, IF, she can consiously focus on being relaxed (see where we're going?). Her legs are folded, individually, and tied (futomomo). Then we place her on her knees, unable to leave the room and we leave her like that for about two hours while we go out for coffee and think about what to do next.

When we return to the room Arienh's state of mind seems to be in an accepting state while clearly focussing on being able to be and stay in the ushirode gasshou. We make use of her accepting state of mind by placing her on her belly (hogtie, yaku ebi), spreading her legs and sliding her with her vjj tight against against the beam. After settling there we do not stop and tie a rope around her neck, pull up her upperbody and tie off the rope high on the beam. In this predicament our girl has a choice, lower her upper body and slowly take her breath away herself or hold her upperbody high for as long as she can and lower it when she becomes tired... rinse and repeat. To add to the fun, for us, we add a big ballgag in Arienh's small mouth. Then we sit back and watch the show unfold.

This activity turns out to be very do-able for Arienh she is able to keep this going for longer than we can keep our focus and attention. That makes us decide to crank up this predicament! We remove the gag and untie the neck rope from the beam. Then hoist Arienh's petite body up, placing her balancing on her knees and leaning against the beam. Obviously, to keep her from falling we tie off the neck rope high on the beam (kubi zuri), keeping our subject from falling. Ohw, and taking her breath away if she does not stay perfectly upright.

This predicament sees some challenge for our subject but this too is really way, way to easy for her and she can balance without real problems. We crank it up another, and final, notch.

The last step we take in giving Arienh a serious kubi zuri predicament is lifting one leg up and tieing it off on the beam. This leaves here suspended by her neck and balancing on one knee to keep her from taking her breath away. Just lifting her leg already gives us the preferred response (screams and moans).

Now we sit back and enjoy a true challenging kubi zuri predicament while her arms are still in a strict ushirode gasshou. This time we get what we worked for; moans, screams, dirty looks of surprise, pleasure and gratitude. Arienh, our pretty blond, in a place we want her to be and she prefers to be as a submissive little girl with a dirty mind.

Photo's by Cas van de Vlugt, video by RopeMarks

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