Sex: female

Age: 29 years

Available for shooting: no


Email address:

Website: @RopeMarks

Eye color: grey

Hair color: brown

Weight: 80 kg

Height: 1 cm

Size of dress: 40 (according to EU standard)

Size of shoes: 43 (according to EU standard)

Size of bra: AA

Available collections

The Three Graces 0
2017-07-28 Dutch Dame, Kim OnArt, and Sas VdW 8 images Bondage

The Three Graces

Sakasa Ebi Zuri 0
2017-06-02 Dutch Dame 51 images Bondage

Sakasa Ebi Zuri

Neon yoko 0
2016-09-02 Dutch Dame 13 images Bondage

Neon yoko

Tanuki - torturing DutchDame 0
2016-02-05 Dutch Dame 43 images Bondage

Tanuki - torturing DutchDame

Party Dame 0
2015-12-04 Dutch Dame 12 images Bondage

Party Dame

Upside down and legs spread 0
2015-05-01 Dutch Dame 50 images Bondage

Upside down and legs spread

Blacklight 0
2015-04-03 Dutch Dame 20 images Bondage